Have you ever realized that the best compliments come from strangers at times? For example, you’re walking in the mall and another female comes up and says “Looking good girl.” It makes you feel special because you know it was genuine. Or when someone who you don’t know comes up to you and says, “Your hair is cute.” It makes you feel radiant.

Last week a stranger and I had a conversation in passing. She asked me why I chose to divorce. I decided to disclose a little, and she came back with something that I needed to hear in that moment. Her reply was, “You’re too pretty for that!” and I responded with, “Thanks, I’m healing.” I shared things that no one should have to experience. It seems that compliments that come from strangers who are being sincere, always come right on time! One way to bounce back from tragedy with health and wellness is by cherishing kind words spoken in just the right way at just the right time.

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