Explore the Beauty of Northern Indiana

Even on a cloudy, rainy, fall day, the Chesterton, Indiana Dunes National Park is completely captivating and serene. Located at the southern bank of Lake Michigan it is the perfect spot to watch the sunset as waves softly brush up against the bank and seagulls soar by.

This area is an important aspect of history. The Northern Indiana Sand Dunes was formed from the ice of melting glaciers millions of years ago. This is how Lake Michigan and the rest of the Great Lakes came to exist along with the sand at the banks.

This location is favorable to anyone, especially nature lovers. Miles of trails and exploration awaits the inquisitive mind. Many families love to come and take advantage of the campgrounds in this area and enjoy activities like fishing, boating, and biking. I first came up with the idea to grab the kids and hit the road from my daughter’s fourth-grade social studies class. She was studying the history of Indiana, where we are from, and The Ice Age. Since COVID-19 has caused me to rethink our travel plans I felt that this would be a wonderful opportunity to take a field trip, especially since school field trips are canceled for this school year in our area.

Once we arrived in the parking lot adjacent to the bank our vision was obscured by the Dunes Pavilion which is not open yet but will provide food and entertainment once completed. When headed around the pavilion and that is when we first got our glimpse of the alluring water and blue sky. The kids were thrilled to experience Indianan’s beach and the only disappointment was that the weather was too cold for us to swim in. Therefore, the plan is to return often but during the spring and summer when the weather is not cold and cloudy like it was during our visit.

Visiting Chesterton allows you to see much more than The Dunes. The Lighthouse Place Premium Outlet is nearby, complete with the Coach, Levi’s, Tommy Kids, Calvin Klein, Rue 21, and the South Bend Chocolate Café. Barker Mansion is a historical place to tour and the Old Lighthouse Museum. Not to mention, Chicago is just a short train ride away. Northern Indiana has plenty to do and much to see and is a great place to visit that provides fun for the entire family. 

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