Nick Cannon and Mira Cassidy

When I look at past experiences, I can say I’ve done some neat things and met some pretty neat people. One of those individuals was a very young Nick Cannon back in his All That days. I was a youth journalist for a television show called 360 degrees, and on that particular day I wasn’t supposed to be interviewing, but I happened to get thrown in so my questions weren’t the best. It was a learning experience. It’s important  to be prepared for the unexpected because you never know when a situation will arise that could be your moment or some other great connection.

During that interview, Nick Cannon said that he wanted to be “the worlds biggest entertainer” some day. Well, as we all know, Nick Cannon is a common household name. He has gone on to accomplish so much from acting in dozens of movies, to stand up comedy, and hosting some of America’s most popular television shows. Like Nick, when there is something that you want to do in life, go for it! One way to bounce back from tragedy with health and wellness is to keep your drive alive and accomplish the things you have set out for yourself.

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Nick Cannon and I


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