I was scammed! Last week I fell victim to a computer scam. It’s embarrassing to admit it, but when my computer all of a sudden turned red and the strange voice said it was infected by a virus and to call Windows tech support for help, I did it. Shamefully, I did it! I spoke to the “tech” for a few moments before I caught on. It was when the “tech” asked to remote into my computer. That’s when my reply was “Uh-NO!” and I disconnected the call.

Later on in the day, I decided to call the number back and to tell the scammers just how offended I was that they tried to scam me. At first, the “tech” tried to deny the claim. I asked him, “What’s your tech ID then?” “What’s your supervisor’s name?” “Where is your office located? Because I’m going to use Google Maps to find your building if this isn’t a scam?” The scammer decided to get an attitude at that point. (Although lying the whole time about not being a scammer) He became insulting by asking me if I was from African. Well, I told him to get a supervisor on the line since he wants to be insulting. The “supervisor” (still lying, all he did was pass the phone over to a colleague) then apologized and gave me this really long explanation about computers and how they are not scammers. (He was lying) So today, just for kicks, I called the same number back again and learned that the scammers have blocked my number. Really!!!! If you don’t want me calling, then you should have never tried to scam me in the first place! Being scammed is not a good feeling. One way to bounce back from tragedy with health and wellness is to be make sure you have a very well protected computer network.

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Scammed!!!! Don’t call 866-897-2718


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