Solo Female Travel

It is more common than you think. According to Forbes Magazine, nearly two-thirds of today’s travelers are women. The internet is full of captivating and vibrant travel destinations for solo women. Also, there are plenty of suggestions on ways to stay safe and tips to keep in mind. As a travel lover, travel agent, and someone who is working to become a successful travel journalist,  I have got a few tips and tricks of my own.

  1. Safety First. Although you may not have any fears or apprehensions about traveling alone, always make sure someone knows where you are going, when you have arrived, and when you plan to return. Also, give specifics like what hotel you will be staying in just in case something happens to your mobile phone and you are unreachable.
  2. Do not rely on your GPS. It seems like we never think they will fail. However, it does not take much for the signal to become interrupted and to hear the dreaded words, “GPS signal lost.” Be shrewd. Keep a printed copy of the directions and review them before you leave home if you are driving. If you are flying and plan to pick up a rental, it is still a good idea to have in mind locations you would like to visit and directions to and from the hotel.
  3. Watch for strangers. This is obvious but even more so when you are traveling internationally. Some areas are not safe for solo travels, whether you are male or female. Less savory people exist everywhere and prey on travelers, especially those who are alone. Be aware of your surroundings. If you are renting a home for your vacation and not a hotel, learn about the owner. The owner has a key. Sadly, there have been instances.
  4. Do your homework. Research the area you intend to travel from top to bottom. Know what to expect. Use Google Maps and study the area. Ask your travel agent as many questions as possible. Learn all you need to know until you are comfortable.
  5. Be prepared. As we try to understand what the “new normal” is and how to adjust it is important to have a plan for if the worse should happen. What if you get sick while traveling? It may be a wiser decision to travel domestically at this time. If you become sick your family and friends can get to you a lot easier if you are in need. Just calling overseas can cause financial hardship on an individual, and what if you become sick enough to become hospitalized?
  6. Get Travel Insurance. I cannot stress enough the importance of travel insurance. Should the worse happen, sickness, loss of luggage, flight cancelations, depending on the plan, you are covered!