What is Luxury Travel?

The Wow Factor! It’s that moment when you first pull up to a 4 or 5-star hotel and you can’t wait to get inside because of the beauty before you. That is what luxury feels like to me. You see when it comes to luxury travel, each person and each agent will have their own definition. For some people, luxury travel is staying in an overwater bungalow for 5 nights or sailing in a privately chartered yacht for the week. Others may think luxury means having the most quality experience for the planned budget. Well, when it comes to luxury travel, like most things, there is a range. It doesn’t matter if you want a luxurious simple cabin in the woods or if you want to charter a jet to a small island. It is all luxury travel.

So, what does a luxury traveler look like? A millionaire? A billionaire? Sure, but it doesn’t have to. Every day people take advantage of luxury travel year-round by simply booking a quality travel experience that fits their budget. Yes, it would be nice to rent a private island for the week, and I’ll gladly book that! However, luxury can also mean staying in the heart of a city in a nice chic hotel or enjoying a weekend in a beachfront villa.

Remember when it comes to luxury travel, there is a range, and you don’t have to be rich. Luxury travel is about booking a quality travel experience within your budget. Some people save or make simple payments on a luxury vacation package over time. Anyone is able to take advantage of luxury travel.

Well, what’s the benefit? The benefit of luxury travel is the experience that you receive and the comfort that is brought to all your senses. It brings a healing or a calm to the soul. It’s about hiking in the rain forest and taking in that deep breath of comfort. It’s about snorkeling and exploring the underwater world. It’s about being a beach bum with a great book in your hand. That’s what I like to do! No matter who you are, you can vacation in luxury. So, give me a call, let’s get you booked!

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