One of the most devastating events in life is the end of a meaningful relationship. This could be the end of a marriage, a best friendship, or another type of connection. All those love songs that you’ve heard begin to touch you in a more intimate way. Like “Brokenhearted,” by Brandy and Wanya Morris or Alicia Keys, “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart.” And trust me, sleeping with a broken heart is like no other. That’s why she says try sleeping, because sleep isn’t a guarantee. You have to find a way to survive through the hurt. At a certain point you feel like throwing in the towel, saying to yourself, “this is going to be a night with no sleep what-so-ever.” Or there is the alternative, you cry yourself to sleep without realizing you’ve fallen asleep.

I’ve experienced the end of several devastating relationships. I haven’t spoken to my oldest brother in over six years. He ended his relationship with me because I didn’t agree with his choices in morality. Then there’s the loss of a husband, and I’ve had friendships begin and end with people who I thought would hold my most intimate thoughts or be like a sister to me. Breakups hurt!  You must allow yourself time to work through the pain. At the start, you don’t see yourself feeling better at any point. A day passes and then another. Soon those days turn into weeks and then months and you look back and realize you’re at a better place.  It still hurts, but not as much. More time passes and the pain becomes more like a faint whisper. In time you will heal! There may be residual, a permanent scare, but you heal. One way to bounce back from tragedy with health and wellness is to accept that you will need time to heal from a broken heart and to take good care of yourself while going through the healing process.

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The Broken Heart


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