Take Time To Find Inner Peace

Time heals all wounds. At least that’s how the saying goes. Is that really the truth? A wound is still a wound. Even when it heals you are still reminded of the ugly occurrence that caused your body to appear distorted temporarily.

Also, there are different types of wounds. A cut here, scrape there, or a burn. Even burns have their own category: carpet burn, ice burn, burn from a hot surface and so forth. I hate burns. It is so frustration when you reach in the stove to grab something and you don’t realize how close you are to the top or bottom rack and, Yikes! Or a burn from ironing. At times it seems that a cut or bruise clears rather quickly depending on the severity of it. However, a burn is different. It seems that a burn will hang around for years. It seems like the skin takes so long to return to a decent or normal tone.

When people hurt and disappoint you the pain at times can be unbearable. It always hurts the most when the pain is inflicted by an individual that your are close friends with or related too. Friendship and loyalty within an inner circle should mean something. At times you feel like some things don’t have to be said or explained because the other person should know. It’s a given. Then there are times when you think you know someone, only to find out that you really don’t.

Healing takes time. It’s shouldn’t be a rushed process. Although forgiveness is important, it’s important to also decided if the individual who let you down is worthy of the same place within your inner circle. There are times when you have to let someone go, and that’s normal. You can still love, and forgive a person, but for your own peace of mind and existence it’s important to deal with that individual from a distance. There is more then one way to heal, and what works for one person may not work for the next. The most important aspect is that you allow yourself to heal. For once you heal, then you are whole!

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