Mira is a survivor of domestic violence, a religious trauma specialist, an empowerment coach, a motivational speaker, and a writer. Since she was small, the constants in her life have been her love for travel, the gift of writing, and telecommunications. As a teen, she studied at the local Youth Video Institute. This opportunity allowed her to interview and meet many influential people such as Nick Cannon, Vivica A. Fox, Susan L. Taylor, Jimmy Jam, and many others. Later on, after an eleven-year hiatus, she went back to school to complete her college degree in General Studies.

Sadly, Mira was in a relationship for nearly 18 years where physical, emotional, mental, and sexual violence persisted. However, with a combination of faith, resilience, hard work, and her ability to rediscover self-worth, she was able to break free and reclaim her identity.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Mira works to uplift women by organizing or supporting women’s empowerment retreats where women can rediscover themselves, heal, and overcome trauma. As a religious trauma specialist, Mira acts as an advocate and connector for victims and survivors guiding them towards helpful resources and support groups. Mira is currently a student at Indiana Wesleyan University and she will receive her Bachelor of Psychology degree this October 2024.

Look for Mira in Cuisine Noir Magazine, a digital and print publication that highlights influencers and trendsetters in food, drink, and travel. Other works of writing available by Mira are her books Let Mia Tell It, based on her story of survival, and Bounce Back from Tragedy, both available on Amazon.

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