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Passive Parenting

written by Mira Cassidy

1 out of 5 people in America have a learning disability of some kind according to the Center for Parent Information and Resources. Is your child included? Students across the classrooms every day are either being misdiagnosed with the wrong learning disability, or over looked all together for having a disability and labeled as a behavior problem. He doesn’t pay attention. He doesn’t focus. He doesn’t sit still. He’s unorganized. She never knows what page we’re on. She drifts off during class. She keeps losing her homework. These are just some of the complaints parents have heard from their child’s teachers. What should parents do? Remember, you are your child’s advocate, so it’s up to you to guarantee that they are receiving a proper education.

Many children are diagnosed with a learning disability by the second or third grade. However, some diagnoses are applied to too many children and careless educators are grouping them in the wrong categories. Although a physician is required to give an official diagnosis, they are not needed to implement an education plan in some states. Moreover, the schools receive funding for each child that has an education plan in place. According to Child Adolescent Clinical Psychopharmacology Made Simple Third Edition many childhood diagnoses mimic each other such as ADHD, anxiety disorders, situational stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar mania, and boredom. ADHD seems to be the most popular diagnosis for children over the past decade. The reason why, based off the mentioned book, “too many physicians go for the quick-fix solution and reach for the prescription pad based off of our society’s attitude to get well fast.”  With this in mind, children are being medicated with drugs that for some can lead to dependency or other side effects such as ticks, headaches, sluggish or sedated like behavior. Also, there are drugs for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder that can cause breast enlargement in girls and boys.

Each parent should make an informed decision about the treatment of their child. However, an informed decision is based on a clear understanding of what the medication is for, what it will do, and what the side effects are. If you choose to medicate, ask questions, understand the clinical trials, know how this medication will affect your son or daughter after long term use. Be an expert through research! Keep in mind, there are children who require not only medication, but a shift in their home environment as well to be successful. As the parent, you know your child the best, and the best choice may be to medicate, not medicate, get a second opinion, have your child re-evaluated through the school system, have your child evaluated independently, provide more structure, create a challenging education, or perhaps a simple change in their diet.

Ensuring the health and well-being of your child can drain you emotionally at times and making the right decision may be difficult. Nevertheless, you will succeed. There is a wealth of knowledge and resources for parents to understand childhood diagnoses. It’s up to the parent to investigate.  The most important thing is to guarantee that your child is being identified properly.


Release Stupidity, Gain Serenity

written by Mira Cassidy

Who doesn’t want a peaceful life with less drama? For some this is only a mere dream and is as unattainable as touching the clouds in the sky. Or is it? At times our lives become dusty with the swirl of “stupidity” and the dust collects more filth until it’s time to roll up our sleeves and remove all the dust and clutter from our lives. Have you ever thought about how some of the issues in our lives that consume or thoughts, cause us to be emotional and lack sleep can be summed up into one word, “stupid?” These annoying things that are wreaking havoc on our lives and causing undue stress is “stupid.” Its either stupid situations that occur one after the other and or stupid people. Let’s just say people who act stupid and do things that cause an irritation in your life like an annoying pinch in your side. It’s time to let go of all the stupid things that consume your time so you can focus on the more important areas of your life. Yes, it’s time to stand up and leave stupidity behind.

To start with, there’s your boss, your coworker, your neighbor, your in law, or that guy that just has the ability to set your peace of mind a blaze. If you just didn’t have to deal with them anymore than you wouldn’t, but these individuals are a settled permeant part of your life for now. The easy answer is just ignore the stupid stuff they do or say the sinister way that they treat you. But in time, that can wear on you. Unfortunately, you can’t have a go round in the thunder dome with the psychopath. However, you can make a choice to stand like a firm wall to their taunts and be a repellant to their malicious ways. You can’t change them but you can condition yourself to have the mental strength and integrity to block the blows. This is not just ignoring the taunting. You are preparing yourself for what possible conflicts or words will be said and training yourself to not be affected. You are remembering to keep your head high and hold onto confidence. You are anticipating conflict and removing yourself before it occurs, or deciding to laugh off the blow, or let it roll off your back like water. You may decide to just wear down your antagonist with kindness or by finding common ground. If you chose this route remember in some situations like the workforce, this is just someone you work with, this is not a true friend though your relationship has improved. Think! How do boxers, runners, or gymnast train? You are doing the exact same thing but applying the fundamentals of conditioning in a different way. Don’t forget to eat right and get plenty of rest. A task like this takes energy and you can’t afford to allow your body to be depleted mentally or emotionally.

What about situations that you’ve found yourself in that make you drop the balls you were barely juggling. In some situations, you have the ability to make decisions that can remove the agony. One minor change can cause a rippling effect that can release the situational shackles. Maybe a change of scenery can bring you the release you need. Perhaps a road trip is way pass due or just a few days of I’m going to do whatever I want to do. When is the last time you’ve invested in distressing by joining a gym, getting a personal trainer, signing up for a personal interest class, or doing a home project that is relaxing. What about a once a month spa day? You deserve it, your worth it. Are you saving? Sometimes money can help you break free from a distressing situation, just dip into your savings this one time. THEN PUT THE MONEY BACK. Are you using a planner, or a to do list to get things accomplished and breaking yourself free from detrimental procrastinating habits?

For those “stupid” areas of your life that you can’t change, well, you have the might to get through it, and in time you will see that light at the end of the tunnel. After the rain the sun will shine. Just keep strengthening your mental, emotional, physical, and financial being and the stupidity will gradually fade while being replaced with the soothing essences of serenity.



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