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So, does drama therapy cure trauma?

This is the question that I am researching as a capstone project for my studies at IWU for my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. To accomplish this, I will be performing my very own one-woman stage play, Let Mia Tell It, based on my 2018 self-published book. Afterward, I will teach a trauma-informed workshop entitled, “What’s Hurting You?” The workshop will use the themes from the play as lessons to teach the audience about adverse childhood experiences, generational curses, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, domestic violence, and more.

Once I graduate, I’ll continue on my journey toward becoming an amazing, skilled drama therapist. Check out my play and workshop! Audience participation is very much appreciated, and this play is for individuals 18 years and older only! My journey is full of adult content and possible triggering content, so beware. Other than that, I hope to see you! Dates will be released soon! Does drama therapy cure trauma?    • Mira’s Women’s Empowerment Retreat 20…  

Year 2 (2023) – Broadcasted from WHMB- 40

A Few Domestic Violence Resources:

National Domestic Violence Hotline – 800-799-7233

Patrick Weaver Ministries – The Exodus Project –

Domestic Violence Network –

Silent No More –

Firefly Children & Family Alliance –

Coburn Place Safe Haven – – Healing from porn abuser, narcissism, and more –

Dr. Serio – Healing Sexual Hurt –

Tonnie Lea – The Healing Conference –

Dr. Caroline Leaf – Neuroscientist, Mental Health Expert –

Carl Knickerbocker – Divorce & Family Lawyer/ Narcissistic Co-parenting Expert -

Ray Freeman – Psychotherapist – Director of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists -

Stand Up Survivor – DV Education, Information Support Groups, and More –

Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence –

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence –

National Network to End Domestic Violence –

2022 Year 1

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